RETURN (The Sarajevo Project)

 Creators - Sue Balint, Daryl Cloran, Alena Dzebo, Holly Lewis, Christopher Morris, Tanya Smoje and Dylan Trowbridge.
Premiered January 2006, at the Tarragon Theatre ExtraSpace

RETURN (The Sarajevo Project) is an incredibly unique and exciting theatrical creation that combines diverse cultures, languages, and theatrical styles into one production. RETURN is a story about returning home. In 1993 Tarik Nakas, a young Bosnian, escaped from the war in Sarajevo to live in Canada; leaving behind his family and fiancee. The play takes place five years later when Tarik suddenly arrives back on his family's doorstep with his Canadian wife. Those he left must reconcile their love for their Tarik and their anger at his betrayal.


In February 2003, five members of Theatrefront's ensemble traveled to Sarajevo, Bosnia-Herzegovina to begin developing The Sarajevo Project - an international collective theatre creation. The Sarajevo Project was developed in collaboration with acclaimed Bosnian theatre director Faruk Loncerivic and three Bosnian actors. The Theatrefront ensemble rehearsed for four weeks with the Bosnian artists to create this production. The Sarajevo Project premiered at the Sarajevo International Winter Festivaon March 15, 2003 to a sold-out audience of Bosnians, Canadians and international theatre professionals.

In sssociation with The Tarragon Theatre, Theatrefront brought our Bosnian collaborators to Toronto in 2005 to continue developing this production with us. We spent four weeks workshopping The Sarajevo Project at The Tarragon Theatre, culminating in public performances at the Tarragon Theatre's rehearsal studio. RETURN (The Sarajevo Project) premiered at the Tarragon Theatre ExtraSpace in January 2006.

Director - Daryl Cloran

Featuring - Alena Dzebo, Holly Lewis, Christopher Morris, Tanja Smoje and Dylan Trowbridge

Set and Lighting Designer - Lorenzo Savoini

Costume Designer - Dana Osborne

Sound Designer - Lyon Smith

Stage Manager - Trina Sookhai

Producer - Claire Sakaki



Outstanding Production
Outstanding New Play
Outstanding Direction (Daryl Cloran)
Outstanding Female Performance (Holly Lewis)
Outstanding Set Design (Lorenzo Savoini)